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A FOMO-Fighting App

Balto Chat is an innovative new messaging app that rescues your night by keeping you in touch with friends when your phone battery fails and there's no charger in sight

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Getting Started

When your phone battery is about to die, open up Balto Chat and select a friend you're with as a lifeline. They will be able to send and receive messages on your behalf.

Balto Chat Homepage
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Balto Chat App Screenshot Contact List
Balto Chat App Screenshot Contact List
Select your Friends
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Once you've selected a lifeline, choose the friends you want to continue messaging.





Make Sure Your Friends Know

Your lifeline and selected friends will receive a notification that your phone is dead and will be able to message each other directly through the Balto app.

If your friends do not have Balto they will be invited through an sms message when you select them.

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Balto Chat Notification
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Balto Chat Messages
Balto to the Rescue!

Now that your phone is dead, messages from your friends will be sent directly to your lifeline so you won't miss out or leave them hanging.

Download Balto Chat on the App Store now!
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